Monday, May 4, 2009

Fitt's Law
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Josh Meyers
Cole Jones
Jared Wright

Paul M. Fitt's law is has been remarkably true for many different applications. The law, which models human movement, predicts the time it takes to reach a position. The target time to reach a target location is calculated by the following equation(formulated differently than presented in paper):


T: average time of movement
a: start/stop time of device
b: inherent speed of device
D: Distance from starting point to target
W: width of target

Overall, the law states that the time it takes to reach a target area is proportionate to the distance of width of the target. So, it would take the same amount of time, given the correct ratio, to reach a destination, if the target was a wide, but the distance of was long, or the target was narrow and the distance was short. This law has been proven to hold true to many things, and I think is pretty fascinating.

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